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About Us

PPIL is amongst Nigeria’s leading real estate developers, having developed approximately 100,000 square meters. Ponglomerape Properties Investment Limited is dedicated to provide comfortable yet modern state-of-the-art homes for individuals and families.

PPIL, is a master developer with interest spanning across all asset classes- Residential, Commercial and Retail. We develop not just structures but entire vicinities, offering a rich community experience. Possessing over two decades of development and project management experience both locally and internationally PPIL possesses the knowledge base and skills pertaining to every stage of the development life cycle (Land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing and execution).

We leverage this experience to offer dream properties for our clientele. The company commenced operations in Nigeria with a vision to create standards in quality, sustainability and urban living.

Our Mission

Ponglomerape Properties Investment Limited is transforming Abuja in the area of property development by providing comfortable houses to all the echelon of the society. As a master planner and creators of extensive real estate in Abuja, our Company is a key player in realizing and meeting the housing challenge of millions of Nigerians. We have successfully executed a number of projects in both residential and commercial asset classes. We build houses so that you turn them into homes.

Housing delivery in Nigeria is an integral part of socio-political and economic development. Springs Estate is borne out of government encouragement of private initiative. When completed, the estate shall comprise 500 units of 5 bedrooms fully detached luxury houses with services quarters set against the dramatic backdrop of mountains, flowing stream and greenery.

Homeowners will benefit from unmatched views, designs and services. They will also benefit from a total packaged home ownership approach by dealing with a single entity from first purchasing your dream home to later management and maintenance of your home. Homeowners can expect an experienced and professional organization that truly understands the importance of buying and owning a home.